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As an affiliated company of The New Cleveland Group, Inc. a leading supplier of high quality handmade instruments, accessories, and tools to the trade, and its retail operation Cleveland Violins in Cleveland, Ohio, Desert Strings offers the string community of Las Vegas a discriminating selection of high quality instruments, bows, and accessories in all price ranges. From high quality handmade instruments for rental to artistic works of award-winning makers, we give meticulous attention to every detail in its setup. Every instrument and bow is individually tested and adjusted by our classically-trained professional musicians on staff to bring out its full potential.

Building on the success of our sister shop Cleveland Violins, we bring a decade of experience in serving young musicians and their families. We promise you a new level of experience both in instrument quality and customer service. Our rates are competitive, while our instruments set the industry standards.

Professional Instruments

Over the years, we have built an extensive collection of vintage and contemporary instruments and bows. Any instrument and bow in the collection of Cleveland Violins is shared with Desert Strings and can be tried by appointment. In addition, we maintain close relationships with many of today’s leading makers. If you have an interest in a particular maker, chances are we can arrange it for you to try it right here in Vegas.

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